January 2023 Release Notes

Paul Schneider


  • Fix: 
    • Credited charges on tasks were not being included in accounting batches.
    • Company level Markups on Labor Rates, Materials & Resource costs are now correctly applied when adding charges to items.
    • Charge code pages were displaying incorrect information.


  • New: 
    • Import Tools UI has been adjusted to present the import type in a dropdown as opposed to radio buttons. When selecting “Vendor Companies” there is a new option to either replace existing property settings for the company or add to the company’s current property access (override versus additive).
  • Fix: 
    • Prism Property Logo is now displaying on the screen as expected for a single property user.
    • Import button for Preventive Tasks, Schedules & Procedures is working.
    • Property square footage/meters are now importing correctly.
    • Unknown error when importing Certificates.
    • Paid Certificate import was not working correctly with required fields.
    • When importing COI records, the start & end date was not displaying.

Bid Management

  • Fix: 
    • Template “clone” option is now working.


  • Fix: 
    • When creating new messages, the list of audiences to select from was making out at the first 50 returned from the server.


  • New: 
    • History now includes date and timestamp information that is local to the associated property time zone, in addition to seeing your time zone if it differs from the Property.


  • New: 
    • Inspections generated for spaces, based on the stacking plan, will now be able to be generated as a single inspection task. This was previously not an option and therefore resulted in an inspection per space within a property. This will allow for a single inspection, formatted by space (assuming inspection type is “Space” based), that can be reported on as a single summary. The option to create many inspections per space will still be available.
  • Fix: 
    • Fire Now option is able to be selected successfully.


  • New: 
    • Insurance Compliance Profiles can be edited at any time, as long as you’re permissioned accordingly, and the available option now is to only impact newly added or renewed Certificates. Existing Certificates will not be reevaluated for compliance based on changes to existing Compliance Profiles.

My Companies

  • New: 
    • Companies are now able to be granted “All Property” access, which will automatically grant this company with the same access as the primary account tied to that company. This would allow a Vendor Company’s access to mirror that of the portfolio for automatically for example (as properties are added and removed). This feature is even more valuable when combined with the User Grant All Property feature. The ability to grant this access will require permission to do so as well as the user granting access also having access to all properties within the account.
    • Companies have a new bulk action available on the grid to manage property access. Bulk add properties and/or bulk remove properties from the grid.
    • Sub-tenants can be created and linked to their primary tenant company that is subleasing the suite/space out to. Representing this relationship between two tenants helps reporting, understanding the relationships between tenants and tracking which company is ultimately responsible for the space and nature of the lease agreement overall.
  • Fix: 
    • Building dropdown on Lease creation is now populating correctly.

My Equipment

  • New: 
    • Equipment import and export tools now include latitude and longitude data.
  • Fix: 
    • Equipment count was showing all for roof rather than those pinned.
    • Equipment pins show the wrong tooltips.

My Properties

  • Fix: 
    • Property Group Page was not handling multi-account as expected.

My Spaces

  • New: 
    • Spaces now includes 2 additional columns when exporting spaces. These new columns represent Space Area & Space Area Unit. For example, Suite 100 is 898 square feet. 
    • Spaces are now able to be hidden from tenant companies, for space types other than “Suite”. This includes Common Area, Amenity, Parking Lot, Major Vertical Penetration and Exterior Space types. 
    • My Spaces now has a Property Visualization option that allows you to pin Equipment throughout the Property - including roofs, parking lots, patios, etc. This new Aerial Map View of Properties and pinned locations makes identifying where to go to find Equipment in exterior areas much easier.

My Users

  • New: 
    • Users can now have email addresses with a cedilla(ç) in it.
  • Fix: 
    • When following Prism links from email notifications, Vendor Users were being asked to login even though they were already logged in on another browser tab.
    • Users were incorrectly linked to a Company they shouldn’t have access to and it was preventing them from being tied to the correct company.


  • New: 
    • Preventive Maintenance Task Grid now includes Property Custom Fields as optional to turn on our off as columns. When exporting this grid, those fields will be included on export if setup accordingly.
    • Preventive Maintenance Asset Types have been adjusted to be account level, instead of Property level. This should make for less duplication of Asset Types and more standardization across the account. Performance should also be improved when interacting with the PM area of Prism.


  • New: 
    • Insurance Summary Report now shows non-compliant coverage types on certificates that do not meet required profile coverage amount for the property.


  • Fix: 
    • Scheduled Visitors are now able to be searched against for each day they are scheduled to visit, previously only the first 2 visits were generated on the visitor grid.

Work Orders

  • New: 
    • Work Order (Print & Invoices) PDF exports can be configured to exclude the branded logo. This is a new account setting available to turn on or off, which will allow a WO print and Invoice PDFs to either have a branded logo or not.
    • Assign To Me is a new option that was introduced to Prism a few weeks ago. This new option available on WOs, makes assigning work directly to yourself quick and easy. It will be available across all tasks in the future.
    • Additional Scheduling Frequencies for Recurring Work Orders.
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