Bulk Import: PM Schedules

Paul Schneider

Format Information for Bulk Import

Before you can upload a spreadsheet of your users to Prism, it must be formatted based on the guidelines below. You'll also need to download the Preventive Maintenance Schedules Bulk Import Template CSV file available via the modal when selecting Equipment.

Acceptable formats include CSV and XLS.


Guidelines for Bulk Import

Field Name




What’s Allowed




Name (Required)

The name of the of PM schedule

No character limit.

Filter Replacement

Property (Required)

The property the PM schedule is being created for.

You must specify an existing property name as it appears in Prism.

1 Post Office Sq

Equipment Category (Required)

The category the equipment belongs to.

Must match an existing category

  • Building Equipment

  • Electrical

  • Elevators & Lifts

  • Fire & Life Safety

  • Furniture

  • Health & Wellness

  • HVAC

  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Plumbing

  • Security

  • Other

Building Equipment

Equipment Asset Type (Required)

Sub category that the equipment belongs to.

You can select an existing Asset Type already entered into Prism or create a new one by defining it here.

Inspect cables for frayed or broken strands or excessive rusting.

External Key

This field can be set with an ID of your choosing. Use it in subsequent imports to update existing records.

If the ID is empty then a new record will be created.

100 character limit, no spaces.


Internal ID

Unique Building Engines ID assigned to the piece of equipment.

Use it in subsequent imports to update existing records.

The ID is available on equipment exports.


Team Assignee1

Select an existing Team to be the assignee.

Specify an existing Team from Prism

Team One

Organization Assignee1

Select an existing Organization assignee.

Specify an existing Organization Assignee from Prism

Elaine Benes


Select a default assignee to be assigned the scheduled tasks

Specify an existing user within Prism

Elaine Benes

Start Date (Required)

Set the date the schedule should start scheduling tasks on.

Enter the format as MM/DD/YYYY



Specify the frequency the schedule should run for

Specify one of the following values

  • daily

  • weekdays

  • weekly

  • monthly

  • quarterly

  • semi-annual

  • annual

NOTE: Custom option is not supported via the import



Known Issues or Limitations

Issue or Limitation




Do not save your spreadsheet as a CSV file if it contains lots of UTF-8 characters, such as the accented é in resumé. (Other examples of these "extended" characters include ñ, ü, superscripts, fractions, and currency symbols other than the U.S. dollar, such as the euro symbol €.) Instead, save your file as an XLS.


1 Org and Team Assignee should be removed, Assignee should only be used to specify.


2 Currently the import is case sensitive, specify the frequency in lowercase.

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