Bulk Import: Vendors

Paul Schneider

Format Information for Bulk Import

Before you can upload a spreadsheet of your vendor companies to Prism, it must be formatted based on the guidelines below. You'll also need to download the Vendor Companies Bulk Import Template CSV file available via the modal when selecting Tenant Companies.

Acceptable formats include CSV and XLS.

Guidelines for Bulk Import

Field Name




What’s Allowed




Vendor ID1

This field can be set with an ID of your choosing. Use it in subsequent imports to update existing records.

If the ID is empty then a new record will be created.

100 character limit, no spaces.


Vendor Name (Required)

The name of the Vendor.



Properties (Required)

  • List of all available, existing properties a vendor can belong to.

  • Multiple properties can be set per vendor.

  • Property names must match exactly how they appear.

  • Multiple properties can be grouped inside ““ and each separated by a comma.

1 Post Office Sq

1 2 3 "1 Post Office Sq, 75 State St, Prudential Building"

Address 1 

The address of the vendor.


  • This can be a new address that is different from the building or property address the vendor is located in.

  • 123 Any Road

  • 123 Any Rd

Address 2

The address of the vendor.


  • 14th Floor


The city the vendor’s address is located in.

  • Cities in the USA or International are allowed



The State or Province the vendor’s address is located in.

  • States in the USA or International

  • MA

  • Massachusetts


The zip code or country code the vendor’s address is located in.

  • For international addresses, the country code can be specified here.

  • 02110


Known Issues or Limitations


Issue or Limitation




1 Vendor ID are currently required, they will be made optional.


Do not save your spreadsheet as a CSV file if it contains lots of UTF-8 characters, such as the accented é in resumé. (Other examples of these "extended" characters include ñ, ü, superscripts, fractions, and currency symbols other than the U.S. dollar, such as the euro symbol €.) Instead, save your file as an XLS.


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