January 2021 Release Notes

Paul Schneider

Bid Management

  • Edit In-Flight RFP's. Managers can no edit in-flight Bids.  This includes changing any building, service, question, description, or date.  Bids can only be edited if they have no submitted bids.


  • More streamlined deactivations! When deactivating a user, you can now reassign any open tasks to another user or set them as unassigned in bulk.
  • Manage items after hours! Users can now configure urgent or high priority SLAs to ignore business hours at either the account or tenant level. When enabled, the SLA will start from the time the WO is created if after business hours.
  • Keep track of on-hold work orders! Users can now create an SLA to keep track of how long work orders are kept on-hold.

Work Order

  • Include a URL! Users can now include URLs in comments that are added to work orders.


  • Add Attachments! Users can now include attachments such as a PDF or image in their messages.


  • New Batch Functionality! Markup and Tax values can now be split into their own rows within a batch export with their own unique respective codes.
    • This format can be configured on a per property basis
    • Tax and/or Markup values will only be split into separate rows if their respective code value is filled in. 
    • These settings can only be viewed by users who are part of the Account Admin permission group.


  • See the whole picture! Users are now able to select and view multiple (or all) buildings at once, viewing their tasks and equipment across their portfolio.
  • More Filters! Users can now sort and filter their work by assignee, team, building, and priority. This means that engineering managers can now view work assigned to others
  • View all attachments! Users can now view any files attached to WO or PM tasks
  • Improved data loading! Most data now loads when the application opens, with visual indicators of what is occurring. This means the initial load will take slightly longer, but all counts and details will be available when the count screen appears.
  • Added Functionality and Performance Improvements! The following improvements have been added to the Prism mobile application on Android and iOS devices:
    • Fixed issues related to buildings missing from building list.
    • Fixed issues related to Inspections missing from inspection list.
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