December 2020 Release Notes

Paul Schneider

Bid Management

  • Updated Email Templates. We've updated the email templates that are used to send emails to customers. Proposal invitations now have more clarity and information contained within them.
  • Clone Feature! We've added a "Clone Bid" feature that will take all the data from one Bid and create a draft as another.


  • New Actions Menu! A new “Actions” drop down will appear in the upper right corner of the My Users page that contains the options to Deactivate or Resend a Welcome Email to selected users.
  • New Grid Columns! The My Companies grid now supports additional display columns including Address, City, State, Email Address, Phone, Properties. All fields are also included in the export.

Work Orders

  • Split the Bill! Users can map material or labor rate charges to the management company of the building or the tenant company that the work order is for via the ‘Bill To’ dropdown when adding the charges.
  • New Grid Filters! New filters on the work order grid can be used to search for work orders created from inspections or preventive maintenance tasks.
  • New Grid Columns! New columns on the work order grid identifying whether the work order was created through an inspection or preventive maintenance task (if any) and task ID.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Step by Step! Users now have the option to have the steps in Preventive Maintenance procedures be listed as individual items that need to be checked off before the task can be completed.
  • Unique Start Dates! Start dates can be set per individual piece of equipment on preventive maintenance schedules.
  • New Bulk Actions! New bulk action options are available for equipment within preventive maintenance schedules
    • The actions Include Assignee, Start Date & Due By
    • There are also actions that allow you to revert selections to default schedule settings in bulk to equipment
  • Out with the Old! Preventive maintenance schedules can now be inactivated.
  • New Bulk Action! Preventive maintenance procedures can now be converted to or from Simple or Individual Step formats in bulk from the Procedure Library grid


  • New Status Filters on Batches! Users can choose between: Billable, Non-Billable or All Charges when creating a new batch. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Call Center Users can now view the contact tab within a building page without needing the permission to manage contacts
  • Work Order Edit Page - Requested For field was listing all users on initialization
  • Creatable select not displaying errors
  • Import data - set wrong path
  • Prism Admin accounts list should be paginated
  • Could not download template for Import Equipment from Equipment tab
  • Request didn't have Client Defined ID for Procedure
  • Procedure imported with Estimated Labor in seconds instead of hours
  • Vendors & Users were requiring External Key on Bulk Import
  • Saved changes were discarded after applying Undo action in just opened session which was previously saved
  • The session was closed after less than a 24 hrs after it was left without actions
  • Regression: Message saying that session was changed appears each time on attempt to change drawing
  • The user implicitly changes previously calculated space data saved into DB
  • Outline specific: The error occurred and some of saved changes were not restored after session was reopened
  • Tenant ID & Suite ID in Bulk Tenant Import Are Now Optional
  • The ability to export Preventive Tasks from the grid has been restored.
  • When exporting Preventive Maintenance schedules, the Unassigned value now appears in the Assignee field.
  • Preventive Schedules had wrong value of Organization Assignee in grid if Organization Assignee does not exist in the system
  • "Unassigned" option was not appearing in the export of PM schedules.
  • Name fields for bulk equipment imports allows special characters
  • Bulk PM Schedule Frequency Column was case sensitive
  • User without permission to bulk import no longer see the Import button
  • Bulk Import Users now errors on non-existent properties
  • Improved Error Handling on Bulk User Imports
  • Assign To column was empty after exporting Scheduled Inspections
  • The ability to export Inspections from the grid has been restored.
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