February 2021 Release Notes

{Elizabeth Touhey}


  • Easy Schedule Adjustments! Changing Asset Type of a piece of equipment will now adjust any Schedules associated to equipment, based on new Asset Type selection.
  • Easy Schedule Viewing! New Schedule tab is now included on an Equipment record which allows users to easily identify the maintenance program.
  • New grid fields! Asset tag and critical status are now default columns on the equipment grid


  • Control your notifications! Each user can now set their own notifications preferences.  Go to your user and select the notifications tab.  Notification preferences can be set for each module.  mceclip0.png
  • Where are you? If a user is marked as out of office, a red ring will appear around the user's badge throughout Prism.   mceclip2.png


Additional Fixes

  • Grids - Clicking on module link didn't load the data after using filters
  • Prism fav icon missing
  • Editing Custom Field updated tenant visible and field
  • Server error when adding labor in building with non USD currency, with no rate and fixed markup 
  • Building hours - 12AM showed as 0AM
  • Tenant Sat Notifications going to Deactivated User Emails
  •  Crash on User and Company "Manage Properties" after refresh
  • % markup button missing
  • User Page Multi Account - Form "Save" button didn't activate after saving once
  • User Actions context menu always triggered a success notification on open
  • Tenant or Vendor admins couldn't create users
  • The multi-account switch would disappear when saving information on your profile, 
  • PMO Employee were Unable to Manage Users Despite Permission
  • Prism UI - Stack Side Bar Didn't Scroll
  • Updating a piece of equipment required setting the space id
  • Equipment Export didn't provide Internal ID as a column or values
  • [My Company] User wasn't able to update 'Notify on all visits' for Visitor Contact
  • Preview image on View tab didn't contain last changes right after session was saved
  • US State dropdown issue when creating a new PMO
  • Exception reported in Inspections related to Comments


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