Notifications - Set Up and Use

{Elizabeth Touhey}

Click into the Admin > Roles & Notifications tab to review existing notification roles. 

2. Click the blue name of the notification role to review or edit notification settings for that role. The first four are defaults set up by Prism. The Assignee role refers to notifications sent to Assignees to tasks. The Followers roles refers to notifications sent to users who "Follow" a Work Order or Incident. The Insurance Contact refers to users who are set up as insurance contacts at a property. The Tenant role refers to notifications sent to tenants who submit a Work Order. Everything else are custom notification roles created by users on Prism. 

If you'd like to make edits by adding or removing specific notifications, click "Save Role" afterwards to ensure the changes are saved. 

3. If you'd like to add a new role, you can click "Add Role" on the top right.

4. To add users to these roles, navigate to My Properties. Then, select the relevant properties you'd like to set up notifications for. Then click "Add Contacts" > select notification role and user > Save. 

Alternatively, you can click into a property to review all the users who are set up with notifications currently. You can also remove users from notification roles here.

If you click "Add Contact" here, you can add users to a notification role as well. 

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