February 2023 Release Notes

Paul Schneider


  • New:
    • Administrators interacting with dates throughout the product are now able to easily type (or copy/paste) dates into any date field within Prism. Prior to this change, dates had to be selected from the calendar which sometimes felt cumbersome in areas like Equipment (warranties, replacement dates, etc. that may be many years out).
    • Task Grids now include an easy way to quickly locate work assigned to you with a new “Ghost” filter for “Only My Assignments”. In addition to this new quick filter for finding your tasks grid to grid, it’s also much easier to save a layout directly from the grid. After selecting filters, the option to convert into a saved layout is available right at the top of the page. Quickly reset the grid with one click too!


  • Change:
    • The Permission verbiage was slightly adjusted for 2 permissions found under Bid Management. “Can Manager RFP Templates” is now “Can Manage Bid Templates” and “Can Access Bid Management 2” is now “Can Access Bid Management”.
  • Fix:
    • We addressed an issue where Contracts digest notifications were continuing to notify after disabling on the notification profile. 
    • When navigating throughout Prism and adding data, Multi-Account Users were not experiencing the correct filtering by account which was leading to records being created in the wrong account.
    • Import Tools
      • File attachments were added multiple times when imported alongside a Work Order record
      • Certificates that were imported were not honoring sort and filter capabilities that should be available 

Bid Management

  • New:
    • Bid Management now gives you the option to indicate the reason a vendor bid lost. This provides insight to vendor trends for reason lost. Vendors won’t see this feedback, but property managers will be able to understand why current and previous bids were lost.  
    • The Bid Management grid now has additional columns for easier visibility into attributes of the bid. These include Created By, Created Date, Sealed Bid (Yes/No) and Contract (Yes/No).
    • Bid Management now allows proposals to be “resent” after creation. In case the vendor’s contact information was information, this gives them another chance at receiving the proposal to submit their bid.


  • New:
    • Main Dashboards can now be filtered by Property Group and Property to help narrow down the information displayed to specific properties.

Preventative Maintenance

  • New:
  • Fix:
    • Inactive Equipment was showing up under the equipment association option on PM Schedules. This was causing more information that needed to appear under equipment, since tasks won’t be generated for inactive equipment and equipment is no longer shown as connected to the schedules
    • Searching for an assignee on PM tasks was taking longer than expected


  • New:
    • Inspection Print is now easily actionable from the Inspection Summary view per individual Inspection. Prior to this update the Print had to be prompted through the browser.
  • Fix:
    • We have addressed an issue where the Section Summary was previously showing up under individual questions.
    • Duplicate inspections were able to be generated erroneously
    • The Property column on the Schedules grid were not sorting as expected


iOS - Version 2.0

  • Fix: Task Count
    • Tasks are seamlessly updated as you navigate through the app, ensuring you have access to the most current data on your device.
    • Task counts are now consistent with the desktop. Tasks are seamlessly updated as you navigate through the app, ensuring you have access to the most current data on your device.

  • New:
    • Faster initial loading on login. Update returns more data in less time (under 30 seconds for the majority of users). No more lengthy wait times while profiles load.

    • New property selection workflow. The Property Selector step allows you to focus your work on the building(s) you’re in, improving overall speed and performance. Users with more than 10 properties will see noticeable improvements.

    • Streamlined Task Lists. View all tasks for a property on one screen. New task list design (replacing property “accordion” lists) loads in less time and with fewer glitches. Users with more than 10 properties will see noticeable improvements here, as well.

    • Clear offline indicators. Work online and offline confidently, guided by new “Offline” status icons and “Task Successfully Downloaded” messages.

    • New data refresh functionality. Manually refresh data by tapping the Refresh icon at the top of each page. You no longer have to login and out to ensure your tasks are up-to-date when working in areas of low connectivity.


My Companies

  • Fix:
    • We have addressed an issue where tenant company suites were not showing up.
    • When creating a new tenant and indicating it’s a Sub-Tenant, the suites available to select from were not filtering to only suites occupied by the Tenant Company that is subleasing their space
    • When creating a Sub-Tenant from an existing Company record, there were no suites available to select from

My Equipment

  • New:
    • Equipment coordinates can now be edited after import. Both latitude and longitude are editable on demand on each equipment record.

My Spaces

  • Fix:
    • We have addressed an issue where tooltips on floor plans were not showing up as expected.

My Users

  • Fix:
    • We have addressed an issue where when filtering the My Users grid by company, users from other companies were appearing.
    • We have addressed an issue where when granting the Property Accounting setting , it was applying it to non-admin users.


  • New:
    • Inspection reports have been reformatted to reduce the length of the report. There is less white space now on each report, which results in significantly less pages generated per inspection.
  • Change:
    • The Work Order SLA report has undergone a refresh to the visualization and elevation of information.


  • New:
    • Users now have the ability to add photos to premier visitors on registration in order to notify the property team about who to expect that will be given access automatically on-site.

Work Order

  • Fix:
    • We have addressed an issue where when creating Work Orders, a random property was automatically being selected for the user as a starting point. 
    • We have addressed an issue where when creating Work Orders, the management company was not being selected by default when over 50 properties.
    • An issue has been addressed where a user with only one property creates a Work Order the system should default to that one property instead of requiring the property to be selected from a choice of one property.
    • We have addressed an issue regarding Issue Types that should have been available but were not appearing in the list of available Issue Types when creating Work Orders.
    • Editing an ISSUE TYPE was resulting in an error message due to the Assign To field
    • Notifications to Tenants included Priority & Target Completion details despite permission settings
    • Details found under Contact info on a Work Order were inconsistent between the Created by and the Requested for contact info
    • SLA calculations were exporting incorrectly.
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