Prism Training Course - JLLT University

Erol Ogunc

Welcome to Phase 1 of Prism courses at JLLT University. 

JLLT University is a great resource for self-learning, and we are confident that your team members will benefit from this program. We would be happy to assist if you have any further queries or require any assistance in accessing the training program.

  • Phase One includes courses on Prism Basics, Work Order, Preventive, Inspections, Admin, My Users, and other foundational lessons that are widely used by our customers.

Step 1 - Register an account on JLLTU (Skip this step if you already have an account on JLLTU)

Step 2 - Choose a Prism Course (link below)


Step 3 - Go through the courses you're interested in. It will track your progress in each course for you if you need to stop and go. 

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