May-June 2023 Release Notes

Erol Ogunc



  • Fixes:
    • Purchase Orders would not save updates on certain calculations. This has been fixed 
  • New:
    • Bulk Action - Remove Auto Access & Properties from Labor Rates: This fix lets users easily enable/disable Auto Access from rates, unlocking the ability to add/remove properties freely using the bulk actions on rates (Video Here)

Admin Page

  • New:
    • Integration Section in Prism Admin - Internal Building Engines employees can navigate to the Integration section of Prism Admin to turn on available integration tools. Once enabled, the integration will be available for all areas of Prism that include that integration. (Video Here)
  • Fixes:
    • SLA – The Name Field on Newly created SLA Profiles were not holding when users would go to create additional escalations on the new SLA Profile. It would revert back to “default"
    • Users were having trouble with Add New Issue Types through the “Add Issue Type” button on the admin page, this has been corrected.
    • Multi-account admin couldn't create issue types in their non-default account. 
    • Notification Profile Preview is being Cut Off
    • Unexpected Error when import historical work orders will now show the error is No Assignee Marked 
    • SLA – The Name Field on Newly created SLA Profiles were not holding when users would go to create additional escalations on the new SLA Profile. It would revert back to “default” 
    • Issue Types - Multi-account admin for Hines cannot create issue types in their non-default account

Bid Management

  • New:
    • Pending award status indicates to the property management team that they have received the requested number of vendor responses against the bid. They can now review those results and choose a winner. (Video Here)
    • Grid level property filters are now available. They simplify the filtering process to find the information you're looking for.


    • Changes made in “Design Options” on a Communication will now be visible on the Message Preview
    • Communications with a large number of recipients were reporting back a large percentage of Undelivered Communications. We have added a refresh button on the message page to allow for the user to receive updated information about delivers as our email tool sends them out. 
    • Filters on Messages were not properties under the filter if the message was just sent to user types and no specific properties were established on the audience. 


  • New:
    • Within the Contracts module, Property Managers can create contracts with custom fields that best fit their business and find all of their Prism contracts in one area to search and filter against. (Video Here)
    • Grid level property filters are now available. They simplify the filtering process to find the information you're looking for.


  • New:
    • This ticket adds the Property Group and Properties filters into the headers of the My Companies, My Users, Insurance, and Accounting modules for quicker, easier access by the user. 
  • Fixes:
    • When creating COIs users were not able to delete coverage sections via the trash icon. This has been resolved and users can now remove coverage sections


  • Fixes:
    • Users were receiving errors when attempting to Bulk Update Incidents to Resolved Via the Grid. 


  • Fixes:
    • To help with the issue resulting from Prism Default Floor labeling and custom labeling coming out of BE Classic we have elected to remove the “Floors” Column from the Properties Import in Prism


  • New:
    • Multiple Tasks vs Single Task on Inspection Schedules - Make it an option, when creating Equipment type inspections and Space type inspections, as to whether 1 task should be created per inspection or if multiple should be created per asset/space for that inspection. Right now, spaces always fire into a single task and multiple tasks for equipment. We should let the user decide whether to treat them separately or as one when building out the inspection schedule. (Video Here)
    • Files on Inspections – Users will be able to upload files to overall Inspection Tasks, much like you can do to PM Tasks. There are many Cities, States, and Countries that mandate copies of Inspections in their formatting as well as digital copy like what can be taken from Prism. By allowing the uploading of Files to Inspections we are creating an easy to access, one stop shop of both versions of the inspection. (Video Here) 
  • Fixes:
    • Unable to Create On Demand Inspection with Custom Due Date
    • Inspection task fired out has an assignee who does not have access to the property 
    • On the schedule preview page the Task Log button gets cropped if the schedule name has total 200 characters

My Companies

  • New:
    •  New Vendor Company Classification - Property Management teams can now classify vendor companies as Union, within the vendor's company profile. When management creates a bid, they can specify interest in union-based vendors for the proposed job. (Image Here)
  • Fixes:
    • Users when entering custom fields on tenant companies, were being redirected to the Properties tab on the tenant company page upon saving new entry on custom fields. This has been resolved and users will no longer be redirected when saving each individual custom field. 

My Equipment

  • New:
    • Users can appropriately categorize vehicle and lab equipment-based records (Video Here)
  • Fixes:
    • The Spaces Served Column on the My Equipment grid view was not populating data. 
    • Reading Values added to WO/PM do not show up on Readings tab within My Equipment. 
    • Reading Values added to WO/PM do not show up on Readings tab within My Equipment

Prism Insurance

  • Fixes:
    • Users were unable to search for Insurance Profiles under the My Companies’ Company page under the insurance setting.
    • After creating 50 Compliance profiles any additional profiles do not save to the company they were set to

My Properties

  • Fixes:
    • Viewing Property Contacts was limited to a one page view despite having more than 1 page of Property Contacts i.e. 50+

My Users

  • Fixes:
    • Multi PMO – When Deactivated users were being reactivated they were not being correctly associated with their original PMO in the Multi-PMO account 
    • When creatin New Teams under My Teams. Users were receiving a Network Error when attempting link teams, in mass, to a large number of Properties. This particular Bug was linked to an account with over 10 pages of Properties. This has been corrected and Teams can now be Linked in mass to any number of Properties at creation. 
    • Users are showing as Out of Office in Prism when no OOO Time was set on the user profile
    • Property filtering not working once Property Group is selected
    • Grant Auto Property Access' not automatically granting property access.
    • Vendor User who belonged to 2 Vendor Companies could not be deactivated. 
    • Users can not turn off Property Access on a user that was granted “Grant Automatic Property Access” Via the bulk action.

Preventative Maintenance

  • New:
    • Make Equipment Optional on PM Schedule Imports - This will allow for PM Schedule imports to work in parallel to how one can create PM Schedules directly in Prism. Just as you can create PM Schedules to associate with the entirety of an Asset Type directly in Prism, you will now be able to do the same through a PM Schedule Import. (Video Here)
  • Fixes:
    • When adding additional properties to existing PM Procedures, the existing property count reduces despite more properties being added.
    • Character limit on PM Procedure Titles have been raised from 100 to 200 Characters. 
    • PM Task were showing due dates to be a day earlier then users had set them up to be due on. 
    • Users were able to deactivate entire schedules that were tied to properties they did not have access to. 
    • PM Schedule with a frequency of Annual were reporting incorrect Next Run Dates.
    • PM tasks for certain Clients were being delayed from firing out on their expected fire dates.

Prism Mobile (Current Versions: iOS PMO 2.0.10 & Android PMO 2.0)

  • Android PMO New:
    • Android PMO (v.2.0.4)
      • Selection in “All Properties” drop down now persist between sessions
      • Installation of crash monitoring & security software 
      • Fix for last refreshed timestamp changes when navigating across tabs
      • Fix for Readings not appearing until user edits work order 
      • Fix for Issue Type continuously loading when adding work order to inspection 
      • Fix for Asset Type selection not filtering equipment list 
      • Fix for High priority work orders appearing as Medium priority
    • Android PMO (v.2.0.3)
      • Fix for All tab not appearing in module view
      • Fix for Asset type filter not working on Equipment task screen 
    • Android PMO (v 2.0.2)
      • Property list sorted by number of tasks in descending order 
      • Update to German translations 
      • Security fixes 
      • Improvements to lag times on load 
      • Fix for freezing during initial load 
      • Fix for users not being able to see active Work Orders associated with a building
    • Android PMO 2.0 released 5/25/2023
      • Quicker and more efficient loading when users log in

      • Faster background syncing

      • Improvements to performance & scalability for users with high property volumes

      • Enhancements to offline mode and manual data refresh functionality

  • iOS PMO Fixes:
    • iOS PMO (v 2.0.13)

      • Fix for validation on required photos and work orders 
      • Fix for “Reject” button still available on completed work orders
      • Fix for “Required” warning still visible after attaching photo/work order
    • iOS PMO (v 2.0.12)

      • Update to German translations 
      • Improved performance while loading avatar image
      • User’s selection in All Properties dropdown now persists between sessions 
      • Fix for “Unable to load inspection data” when user selects all Assignees 
      • Fix for user being blocked from loading Property Settings menu in mixed online mode 
      • Fix for not being able to select Skip Photo during Work Order creation Fix for freezing during initial load; users having to upgrade to unfreeze 
      • Fix for Assignee filter not working on module screen
      • Fix for redirect to Questions tab on clicking “Complete”
      • Fix for error message on adding Estimated Labor 
      • Fix for PM task name displayed on completing Work Order 
    • iOS PMO (v 2.0.11)

      • Addressed gap preventing users from deleting photos uploaded to Work Order

      • Fixed incorrect task counts on Home screen
        Steps completed offline now remain marked complete when user returns online 

      • Fix for Readings being erased when users switch between online/offline mode 

      • Users not able to leave comment on WO if they do not have correct permissions 

      • Fix for Notification Banners not opening to specific WO 

      • Fix for Inspection photos not uploading 

      • Fix for crash when user taps multi select answers on Inspections

    • iOS PMO (v 2.10.0)
      • Addressed severe lag times reported on large accounts 
      • Fixed missing Work Order ID in the Equipment Service History view
      • Users no longer need to uninstall the app when switching accounts or impersonating 
      • Markup costs now rounded to 2 decimal places 
      • Fix for users not being able to see Work Orders across org on mobileDuplicate Work Orders are no longer created on Inspections 
      • Fix for truncated Inspection answers 
      • Users now receive an error if they do not have permission to comment
    • iOS PMO (v 2.0.9)
      • Company Markups are now applied to labor & material added via mobile
        Duplicate properties & property groups no longer appear in property selection menus 
        Fix for “Save to Material Library” toggle appearing for users without edit permission 


Prism Mobile (Tenant)

  • iOS Tenant (v 1.8.2) 
    • Fix for images deleted on web still appearing on mobile 
  • Android Tenant (v 1.6.9) 
    • Fix for app not responsive error 
    • Fix for images uploaded on mobile not syncing to web app
    • Fix for app crash when creating new reservation with resource 
    • Fix for cost not appearing on new reservation confirmation screen
    • Fix for error when creating reservation more than one week in the future



  • Fixes:
    • Reading definitions not populating in dropdown when associating to PM Procedures


  • New:
    • Equipment ID column was added to the table of the Readings Summary Report
    • Labor Allocation Trend Report - We made updates to the widgets at the top of the report to be more readable and in pattern with our updated color palettes.

Resource Reservations

  • New:
    • 24/48 hr WO generation against Resource Reservations  We will be adding the ability to have WOs fire out from a Reservation 24 and 48 hours Prior or Post that Reservation Date. (Video Here)
    • Admin Override Booking/Editing - PMO Users will now be able to override all settings they have set for resources in regard to their reservability. This will ensure easy management of the reservations by the PMO and allow for them to use the module to the best of their ability. (Video Here)
  • Fixes:
    • Not all Common area spaces for a floor were populating on the dropdown when attempting to create a new reservable resource.
    • Resource Reservations - When I add a rate, it toggles "Tenant Visible" back on. Adding a rate to a resource will no longer auto set the tenant visible toggle on
    • WOs created from Reservations were being fired with the requester being the Prism Admin and Not the Reservation Requester. Going Forward the WO will show the Requester as the user who the reservation is for. 


  • New:
    • Create Multiple Visitors at Once - We updated the visitor module to allow users to add multiple visitors at once through the regular form fields or copy pasting data from a CSV. This update also covers making updates to all visitors created within the same record at once. (Video 1 & Video 2)
    • Cancel Visitors Update - We update the visitor module to allow users to cancel an instance of a visit or all future visits. (Video Here)
  • Fixes:
    • When creating Multi day visitors, Prism was setting up to visits for one day instead of a visit for the first and second day.
    • Visitor Import was pushing inaccurate errors when required fields were filled in
    • Premier Visitors were not able to download their Badges when Checking themselves in. (


Work Order

  • New:
    • Clone WO from Grid/Details - You can now clone WOs at any time from the grid view or WO Detail screen. We've included additional fields during the cloning process to make the process of replicating a WO quicker and even easier than before. Enjoy! (Video Here)
    • Not To Exceed (NTE) limit for Vendor Assigned Work Orders that can be preset by property and issue type or requested on-demand. Avoid unknown costs once a vendor invoice comes in that is outside the contractual NTE amount and budget accordingly ahead of receiving the invoice. (Video Here)
      • We've resolved an issue with blank NTE workflows incorrectly kickstarting upon WO creations, as well as users not being able to cancel an active NTE workflow. (Video Here)
    • WO Iterator - Back by popular demand, you can now instantly toggle to the next or previous WOs in your list directly from the WO Detail view using the "iterator arrows" added to the top right of the WO page. This is possible whenever opening a WO from the grid or a dashboard card. (Video Here)
    • Create WO Sections – Creating WOs is now even more intuitive. Prism automatically focuses your attention on the most important fields to complete first, before guiding you to complete any further fields (Video Here
  • Fixes:
    • When creating a New WO on the Web, using the universal “Create Work Order” button, while in an existing WO, with Photos attached, photos from the original and unrelated Work Order were getting added to the newly created WO automatically. This will no longer occur. 
      Vendor Users were receiving an invalid Error when attempting to create WOs tied to Tenant Companies. Vendor Users will now, with the correct permission, be able to create WOs same as PMO Users can 
    • SLA escalations were still being triggered on Work Orders whose status was put “On Hold”.
    • Sorting by Status on the WO Grid was not sorting correctly, users were seeing a mixed list of New, Completed, Open etc.
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