Release Notes: Prism Mobile 3.0 Offline Session Rework

Erol Ogunc

Download the latest version of Prism Mobile 3.0 for iOS (5/1/2024) and Android (5/2/2024) here

General Updates to Prism Mobile  

  • New login to the Prism app​.
  • There will no longer be a modal prompt for online versus property selection.
  • UI showing task download progress bar on the main home page.
  • Tasks assigned to the login user will automatically begin to download in preparation for offline mode, to handle the primary use case of being able to complete work while offline.​

  • Tasks downloaded for offline mode will be any tasks due within the next 14 days or that were due in the last 14 days.​

    • These tasks will be all New, Open and On-hold tasks.​

  • Tasks completed by the logged in user in the last 5 days will be available offline.​

Actions Unavailable Offline​ 

  • Add Labor Rates or Materials to tasks​
  • Create Work Orders​
  • Create Communication messages​
  • View History​

Actions Available Offline​ 

  • Accessing cached data from online session​ 
  • Adding Labor with no Rate​
  • Tasks assigned to me or my teams will be auto-downloaded with the following parameters:​
    • When due date is between last 14 to next 14 days​
    • Tasks completed by me in last 5 days​
  • Complete Tasks (WO, PM, INSP)​
  • Add Photos and Add Comments​
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