September 2019 Release Notes

{Elizabeth Touhey}


  • Configure "budget" amount per issue type and building within the Admin menu. View the
    configured amount within a work order as a reference
  • Associate a piece of equipment to a work order via the work order details page
  • Tenant satisfaction low ratings will deliver automatic notifications to:
    • Property Managers
    • Engineering Managers
    • Anyone following the work order


  • New grid sorting options

Preventive Maintenance

  • Create, view and edit maintenance schedules
  • Reassign maintenance tasks


  • iOS general release
  • Android beta release

Insurance (powered by MyCOI)

  • Manage certificates of insurance for vendors and tenants
  • View overall company compliance statuses including:
    • Complaint with expiration date
    • Expired with date expired
    • Missing COIs
    • Pending lease extraction
  • Configure COI to start tracking COIs for buildings, associated tenants and vendors
  • Choose compliance requirements for tenant and vendor companies
    • Renewal process managed directly through insurance agent portal
    • Certificate details captured into repository

Prism Managed Insurance (powered by MyCOI)

  • All the benefits of Prism Insurance
  • Certificate management team verifies all COI requirements are met
  • Ensure waiver of subrogation, additional ensured and all other critical requirements are met
  • Compliance team supports vendor agents questions directly
  • Pending lease extraction
    • Display compliance status  on company grid

Lease Extraction Services (powered by MyCOI)

  • All the benefits of Prism Insurance or Managed Insurance
  • New tenants added to Prism will generate an alert to MyCOI, initiating the Lease Extraction process
  • Once MyCOI obtains your lease, leasing professionals review and extract compliance requirements 
  • Companies remain in a "Pending Lease Extraction" status until completion, ensuring up to date information displays in Prism


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