November 2019 Release Notes

{Elizabeth Touhey}


  • Permissions have been updated to be more specific to work order and accounting related items.  You can also now decide which user groups can close, cancel and/or put a work order on-hold. Also, you can limit who has access to charge labor rates on a work order.  Don't let the wrong individuals change your billable data!
  • Concerned about tenant feedback? New permissions allow you to control who can see tenant satisfaction ratings.
  • Two John Smiths working for your team? Use Employee ID to tell them apart.  There is a new location for the Employee ID on the User Profile. The Employee ID is also now a column on the User Grid. 
  • Make Prism tailored to you.  Custom fields can be added to your properties, users and companies.  If you mark a custom field accounting related, it will be included if you export charges from the work order grid.  
  • Engineering teams can now use a more efficient method to schedule maintenance for all equipment with an asset type.  
  • Reports have been enhanced to include better filtering.  Try out the new Labor & Materials and Preventive Maintenance reports.
  • Search and filter capabilities have been added to many grids in Prism.  Find the right information instantly!

Vendor Management

  • Assigning work orders to vendors just got easier! The assignee drop down is now organized by vendor company.
  • Don't recognize that user? Vendor company information displays with the assignee.
  • Don't know who works for your vendors? Work orders can be assigned directly to a vendor company.
  •  The vendor company assignee will be displayed in the work order and on the work order grid.

Insurance (powered by MyCOI)

  • Vendor COI compliance status can be viewed when assigning and viewing a work order


  • Bengie has learned how to request service with one step and no guess work.  Statements such as "Hey Bengie, it's too cold in the kitchen" contain all the information he needs. 

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