February 2020 Release Notes

{Elizabeth Touhey}


  • New identifiers! Within a work order, you can type ahead in the assignee field and find users with the same name by email address or employee ID.
  • Auto assign issues to vendors! Within the Issue Type Grid, you can set up issue types to be automatically assigned to a vendor company
  • Multi-building tenants! Do you have tenants that span multiple properties? No problem! Under My Companies, tenant companies can now be associated with multiple buildings, floors and suites.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Put your vendors to work! Preventive maintenance tasks can be assigned directly to a vendor company.
  • Manage workloads! Is someone out sick? Managers can re-assigned fired out tasks to new assignees. Schedules for the same equipment type can be assigned to multiple engineers/vendors.
  • Better track your equipment! Installation dates are now available in the equipment record.


  • Behind the scenes! Data sync is happening in the background without a manual refresh. If an engineer is without service, data will sync automatically when they are back within range. New work orders will automatically populate an engineer’s device without the engineer demanding an update.
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