Sharing Work Orders

{Elizabeth Touhey}

Sharing work orders on the Prism web app allows property managers to keep anyone in the loop.  Work orders can be shared with users within your Prism account, or with those who work outside of Prism.

1.) Locate the work order

Find the work order you wish to share.  This can be done using the dashboard cards. 


Alternatively, work orders can be found by clicking on Work Order and reviewing the Work Order Grid.


If you have just created a work order, you can click on edit in the green header.


2.) Click Share

In the upper right of the screen, click the share button.


3.) Enter email address and message

Enter an email address and message for the person you would like to share the work order with.


4.) Get the details

The person you have shared the work order with will receive a pdf copy of the work order and the message you included. 




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