April 2020 Release Notes

{Elizabeth Touhey}


  • New permissions! Users who have admin access can now control who can change the priority on a workorder with the “Can Change Work Order Priority” permission. 
  • New filters! Users can now filter the “My Users” grid by Organization and by Property to easily find who operates at a specific property or properties.Additionally, the “My Companies” grid can be filtered by property.
  • Bulk changes for default assignees are here! Filter the issue type grid by Assignee to make bulk changes to assignees for one property or multiple properties.
  • Who is working on what? The “Task by Assignee” dashboard card shows teams (more info on teams below) and companies.
  • Clean up your files! Users can now delete files.

Work Order

  • Many hands make light work! As a User with the permission “Can Manage User Teams”, you can now create a team of assignable users. Go to the “My Users” Grid, “Teams” tab to do so. Once a team is created you can configure your issue types to auto assign to a team. You can also assign/reassign a work order to the team. This will allow all members within the team to be notified about the work order.  Team Assignee is also an option on the work order grid.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Improved Tenant Engagement! You can now see if your team is meeting their SLAs for tenant requested work with the “Work Order Completion Targets Met” card on your Tenant Engagement Dashboard.
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