June 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


  • New Export! You can now export your property list from the My Properties page.

Work Order

  • Filter Identifiers! You can now see what filters you have turned on when you hide the filters section of the work order grid.
  • New Filter! You can now filter your work order grid by Issue Type.
  • New grid columns! There are new columns available in the WO grid itself and exports of the grid.
    •  Available in grid:
      • Created by user
      • Created by first name
      • Created by last name
      • Created by email
      • Property ID
    • Available in export:
      • Created by ID
      • Created by phone number
      • Created by company
      • Created by company type
      • Labor Hours

Preventive Maintenance

  • New Filter! You can now filter the preventive maintenance grids by Asset Type Category.


  • Hola Mundo!Automatic language translations are now available.  Simply set your device to the language the language of your choice and Prism mobile will be translated to the selected language. 


  • Introducing RealAccess! RealAccess is now an integrated module within Prism. Seamlessly switch between your RealAccess account and other modules in Prism.  RealAccess has been updated to have the same look and feel as other Prism modules.

Insurance (powered by MyCOI)

  • No user? No problem! If the company contact for insurance information is not a user in Prism, or associated with multiple companies, there is a new option to enter free text for contact information. Select the “Custom Contact” option when entering the Company Contact for an entry forum to enter name and email information.

Reports and Dashboards

  • New column! A new column in the SLA report shows when the assignee of a work order acknowledged it. If the work order has not been acknowledged, that is indicated too.

Space Management

  • Introducing Space Management! The new Space Management Module provides you with a single screen to manage floors, spaces, and tenants.
  • No basement? No problem! Space Management allows you to create/edit/move/delete suites and floors within a building.  Need a lobby instead of 1st Floor? Floor and suite names can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Vacate suites with ease! Tenants can be easily added and removed from suites in a building.
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