Inspections Module Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}

New! Inspection Module 

  • Scheduled, Consistent & Measurable
    • Decrease tenant-reported WOs 
    • Improve Tenant Experience  
  • Quick Path to Resolution 
    • Spin off WOs at the point of issue identification 
    • Immediately communicate unsatisfactory property conditions 
    • Remove administrative burden of WO capture post-inspection 
  • Avoid Costly Property Repairs 
    • Less unnoticed issues that lead to costly repair 
    • Insight into trends in responses inspection over inspection 
  • Perform Inspections at Any Time 
    • Access your inspections at any place or time using the mobile app 
    • Download information ahead of time to access your inspections while offline 

Inspection Features 

  • Create Inspection Templates attached to the right properties & team members 
    • Define schedule frequency for consistent inspection practices 
  • Quickly Clone entire Templates, Property to Assignee configuration or the Inspection form only 
  • Select from smart, default response options & clone questions to setup a new inspection fast! 
    • Not only does this save time when creating inspections, but also results in smart, professional reports for completed inspections 
  • Changes to a scheduled Template will update your next round of inspections driven from that Template 
  • Template Control through new “Can Manage Templates” permission, as well as prohibiting editability of templates associated to properties other than those a user has access to 
  • Summary view of Inspection Templates to quickly see all important information about each Template 
    • Includes history tracking to understand what activity has happened at the Template level 
  • Ad-hoc reporting on Active and Completed Inspections with a fast Export option right from the Inspection grid dashboard 
  • Add photos, include notes & generate Works Orders while completing inspections 
    • Photo Gallery view of all images added during the inspection 
    • Summary of open & completed Work Orders, as well as costs/charges associated to those Work Orders 
    • History to see what activity has occurred on the inspection 
  • Quickly see all the upcoming Inspections assigned to you so you can work on your own time. 
    • View the current completion percentage of your In Progress inspections so you can pick up where you left off. 
  • Reassign Inspections to other members of your Team or your Organization 
  • Easily access your questions based on custom categories you create on your Inspection Templates 
  • Add Labor & Materials to each Inspection 
    • Estimated time to complete an Inspection can be indicated on the Template level to then compare to actual labor added on an Inspection 
  • Generate a report for individual Inspections 
    • Key metrics for inspection performance 
    • Visualization of data captured 
    • Trends from last inspection of the same series 
    • Response details per question for entire inspection 
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