July 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


More Permissions, More Control! Managers can now control which users can see a work order’s priority and target completion date. These permissions are labeled as:
     o Can See Priority
     o Can See Target Completion

• If users are not granted these permissions, they will not see the priority or target completion in the following areas:

     o The work order detail screen
     o The work order grid
     o The work order dashboard cards

Improved User Experience! Multi-select dropdown menus are now easier to use. These dropdown menus now remain open while selecting multiple choices.

Permissions for Dashboard Cards! Users will no longer see cards relating to Work Orders, Tasks, or Communications if they do not have permission to access to the appropriate modules.

New Dashboard Cards! The Main Dashboard and Tenant Engagement Dashboard now contain the following cards:
     o Work Order Completion Targets Met (Users must have the “Can See Target Completion”                         permission to view this card)
     o Overdue Work Orders (Users must have the “Can See Target Completion” permission to view                 this card)
     o Work Order Billable Snapshot (Users must have the “Can See Costs” permission to view this                   card)

More Knowledge, More Power! In addition to displaying the first 50 specific items that apply, Dashboard Cards now display the total number of items that meet the criteria of the card, even if it exceeds 50.

Work Orders
Manage your vacant spaces! You are now able to add vacant suites to your buildings and select them when creating a work order.

Eye-Catching Alerts! Users can easily spot overdue work orders on the work order grid with
the addition of the new “Overdue” flag.

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