August 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


  • New Exports! Users with access to the Admin module are now able to export the information on the issue type configuration grid and accounting configuration grid
  • More Money, Less Problems! Prism now supports currencies for the following countries: Chile, Colombia, Israel, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, and Venezuela
  • Looking Good! The Prism logo will now be visible in on your browser tab
  • On-Demand Price List! Users with access to the Accounting tab can now export their list of labor rates.

Work Orders 

  • Do it in Bulk! Users can now reassign or change the status of multiple work items at once from the Work Order Grid. Users can filter the grid, check off the work orders they would like to edit, and select the Change Status or Reassign options that appear at the top of the grid.
  • More Info! The Work Order and Work Order Charges Exports now include additional fields and list separate charges added to work orders on separate rows. 
  • Access Across Portfolios! For users with accounts that span across multiple property management organizations, the Company field displayed when creating and editing work orders should display all property management organizations the user has access to, in addition to the tenant companies managed by those organizations.
  • Link Work Orders and Inspections! Work orders created from an inspection will have a link back to the task it originated from in the header of the work order and in the history section from creation 
  • Relocated Budget Field! The Budget field will now display within the details of the work order instead of in the header of the work order 

Preventive Maintenance 

  • Schedule Accordingly! Users can now add estimated labor time to PM Schedules and Procedures, which will then be visible to anyone working on the PM tasks
  • Keep track of all that hard work! You can now add labor hours and material cost to Preventive Maintenance tasks.


  • Add Labor on the Go! Users can now record their Labor Hours from the mobile app on all Android devices. 
  • Added Functionality and Performance Improvements! The following features and improvements have been added to the Prism mobile application on Android and/or iOS devices:
    • Android/iOS - Work Orders assigned to your Team or PMO can now be assigned to yourself and accurately appear in your work list 
    • Android/iOS - A fix was implemented so that all buildings assigned to the user are now visible 
    • Android/iOS - A fix was implemented so that the issue types dropdown now fully populates for the building you have selected 
    • Android/iOS - Labor and Materials are now available to be added to all Work Orders and Preventive Maintenance tasks 
    • Android/iOS - A count of total Labor Hours has been added to WO and PM records 
    • Android/iOS - An alert has been added to notify the user when they are about to logout 
    • iOS - Several Performance Improvements have been made 
    • iOS – Resolved an issue so that attachments show on the correct inspection question 

Reports and Dashboards 

  • New Tenant Engagement Dashboard Card! The Tenant Engagement Dashboard now includes a Tenant Satisfaction Hotlist Card that helps you keep an eye on tenants that may not be as satisfied as others by displaying up to 50 tenants with the lowest average work order satisfaction ratings.


  • Going Mobile! Inspections are now available to be viewed and completed on both Android and iOS devices
  • Keep track of even more hard work! You can now add labor hours and material cost to Inspections.
  • See what’s coming next! Added “Next Run Date” Column to Inspection Template Grid 
  • Quick Inspections Report! Users can now export the information displayed in the Inspections Grid 
  • Improved Formatting! The footer on an inspection is no longer blocking the last question when the history section of the inspection is shorter than its overall length
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Completed inspections that are exported to PDF now includes photos that were added to the inspection.
  • Link Work Orders and Inspections! When work orders are created from an Inspection, the inspection number will be included in the history with a link back to the inspection 
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