September 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


New Notification Options!

  • There is now a new option in the Admin section titled Notifications that allows you to configure notification preferences by user types and key contacts 
  • Users will be able to select from the following types of recipients:
    • Assignees who need to know when work is created and when comments or changes are made so they can quickly and successfully complete the work 
    • Tenants who want to know that work is getting done but do not want to be overwhelmed by too many emails 
    • Followers
      • Users can now configure whether they automatically “follow” work orders they create for someone else 
      • Users can also opt in to “follow” any individual work order from the work order detail page 
    • Key contacts 
      • Admins can create customized key contacts and can name a person in each building as that key contact.  For example, Fire Warden, Security, Facility Manager 
  • Choose from predefined notification profiles to determine which items generate an email notification
  • Users can also include which work order issue types will generate a notification
  • Users can apply notification profiles to their entire portfolio or override them at the building level 
  • Users can now opt out of getting notifications for work orders that they created themselves

Work Orders

  • More Detailed Notifications! Work Order notifications now include additional fields such as property address, issue type, priority, description of issue, and the requestor’s name and phone number 

Preventive Maintenance

  • New Export! Users can now export Preventive Maintenance Schedules into an Excel file.


  • Added Functionality and Performance Improvements! The following features and improvements have been added to the Prism mobile application on Android and/or iOS devices:
    • iOS – Work Orders can now be created when offline 
    • iOS – A comment is now required when an item is placed On-Hold
    • iOS – Display Issues fixed on the Login Screen 
    • iOS – Notes on Inspections can be Added, Updated, and Deleted
    • IOS – A count of Work Orders and attachments now display on an inspection
    • IOS - While Offline, Unassigned Work Orders can now be taken by the current user 
    • iOS - Labor hours can now be added to a Work Order while offline 
    • iOS – Materials can now be added to a Work Order while offline 
    • Android – The correct assignees are now displaying in the reassign list
    • Android - Issue Types are now displaying correctly 
    • Android – Several Performance improvements were added and building information should be visible much faster 
    • Android - Finnish language support has been added 
    • Android – Significant performance improvement when creating a Work Order 
    • iOS - Visual improvements to the Work Order screen 
    • IOS - PM Tasks can now successfully be assigned to Teams and Orgs 
    • iOS - Significant performance improvement when creating a Work Order 
    • IOS - Photos can now successfully be added to a Work Order while offline 


  • New Improvement! Photos attached Inspections will now display on the PDF of the Inspection

Insurance (powered by MyCOI)

  • New Division Support! Support of MyCOI’s Blanket Division and Multi-Division functionality within Prism. This enables users to opt a vendor in/out of contracts pertaining to single building or multiple buildings with a singular contract (or set of contracts) depending on the configuration within MyCOI. 
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