October 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


  • New Out of Office Feature! You can now designate when other users are going to be taking time off and have any new work that would normally be automatically assigned to them, be sent to a designated back-up until they are back in the office.
  • You also have the option to simply have this back-up be listed when any work is about to be assigned to the person who is away in order to notify other users when that employee is Out-Of-Office. 
  • Time-Off will appear in the Employee details page as either: Upcoming, Current, or Taken. 
  • The Avatar of a User who is Out-Of-Office will show up as red during their time off. 
  • When you are creating a Work Order as a Property Management user, and you try to assign it to an employee who is Out-Of-Office, you will receive a notification showing you when that employee is out, as well as who their backup is. 
  • Any Work Orders created by a Tenant will be Auto-Assigned to an employee’s backup if they are Out-Of-Office. 
  • A new history entry has been added to identify any work that is auto-assigned due to Out-Of-Office. This is visible to both Tenant and Property Management users 
  • New Grid Fields! The Properties Grid can now display the designated main contacts for each property.
  • New languages! Danish and Greek are now supported in Prism 
  • See more properties and companies! The number of properties and companies that display in the corresponding drop-down menus when creating a work order has been increased to 100
  • New SLA View! The SLA page in the Admin section now allows for users to hide/unhide SLAs for each priority
  • Account for building hours! SLA target completion times are now correctly measured against building hours

Work Orders

  • Let them know you got there! Users can now indicate when they arrive to complete a work order which also triggers an email notification 
  • Provide an ETA! Property Managers can now set an SLA for the time it takes a work order to go from New to Arrived for each priority. This SLA will be off as a default.
  • Add work orders to any space, not just suites! Work orders can now be added to spaces that are not suites. The dropdown menus used when creating a work order have been updated to be ADA compliant. 
  • Make sure you can reach them! Assignee Details for work orders now include alternative phone numbers 

Preventive Maintenance

  • More Frequencies! You can now create Schedules using the Daily & Weekly frequencies 
  • Set a Due Date! You can now use the following options as “Due By” options for Schedules:
  • End of Day 
  • End of Week 
  • End of Month 
  • End of Quarter 
  • End of Year 
  • Team Effort! PM Schedules & Tasks can now be assigned to Teams
  • Increased Flexibility! In addition to drafts of Schedules, active Tasks can now be modified
  • Start Right Away! PM Schedules can be started the same day they are created 
  • Increased Visibility! View more than 50 pieces of equipment associated to a Schedule, with option to edit the assignee 
  • Press Pause! You can now pause an active Schedule and reactivate it at anytime 
  • More Filters! You can now filter the PM Task Grid by Date and Task ID. You can also filter the

PM Task and PM Schedule grid by Asset Type. 

  • More Status Options! PM Task statuses now include On-Hold, Completed and Cancelled 
  • New Permissions! Users will now need to be assigned a permission to change the due date on a PM Task
  • Keep Files Together! Files added to equipment records will also be available as files on PM Tasks for that piece of equipmentQuick Task Assignment! Newly added equipment will be associated with existing Schedules of the same Asset Type
  • New Bulk Action! The Preventive Maintenance Task Grid now has the option to reassign and change the status of tasks in bulk
  • Add equipment to any space, not just suites! Equipment can now be added to spaces that are not suites. The dropdown menus used when creating equipment have been updated to be ADA compliant. 


  • New Bulk Action! The Inspections Grid now has the option to reassign and change the status of inspections in bulk
  • Plan for the seasons! Inspections can now be scheduled seasonally


  • New Accounting Section! There is now an Accounting option in lower left corner of the page. From here, you can manage labor rates for your buildings and create accounting batches.
    • You will be able to create batch files that include the following criteria:
  • Work order status:
  • Date Completed
  • Date Closed
  • Date Range
  • Buildings
    • You will have the option to Include or exclude previously work orders that may have been included in a previous batch.
    • Batch files will be able to be saved in the following states:
      • Draft:
        • Can be exported as needed to validate file accuracy
        • Can be edited and saved with new parameters
        • Will reflect new data of updated parameters upon save/export
    • Locked:
      • Can no longer be deleted
      • Permanently stored in AWS storage for auditing
      • All work orders within batch are marked as ‘exported’
    • All batch files that have been run can be viewed and sorted in the Batches Grid
    • Users will need the following Permissions to access the Accounting section and create batch files:
      • Can Access Accounting
      • Can Manage Accounting Batches


  • More Status Options On The Go! You can now cancel a Work Order or PM task, reject a Work Order or PM task, or place a Work Order and PM task as On-Hold directly from the Prism app.
  • Increased Task Visibility! PM tasks that are unassigned, or assigned to a team or Property Management are now visible on the Mobile device 
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Camera support has been added for the newest Samsung Galaxy devices. 
  • Increased Storage Stability! Several stability improvements to offline storage have been added to the iOS and Android versions of the app 
  • Reassign tasks on the go! Preventive Maintenance tasks can now be reassigned to other users from the Prism app. 
  • View all equipment and tasks, no matter where they are! Equipment records and Preventive Maintenance tasks tied to non-suite spaces are now visible on the Prism app.
  • Added Functionality and Performance Improvements! The following features and improvements have been added to the Prism mobile application on Android and/or iOS devices:
    • IOS - SSO Users Can Now Login 
    • IOS - Inspection information will now persist offline when the app is closed 
    • IOS/Android – Users can Now Arrive on a WO 
    • IOS/Android - Steps first tap visible on a PM Task 
    • IOS/Android - Danish and Greek Language Support 

Space Management

  • Add your floor plans… Users now have the ability to upload floor plans to their buildings 
  • … And mark them up! Users can collaboratively markup these floor plans with notes or drawings 

Bid Management

  • Offering Categories: You can now see Offering Categories beside the Service Types in the grid view.  These will become more relevant when users can select individual offerings from these categories, which allow to get more granular control as to what type of work your company performs or requires.
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