November 2020 Release Notes

{Ryan O'Day}


  • More descriptive dashboard card! The Tasks by Assignee dashboard card now shows a breakdown of how many inspections, work orders, and preventive maintenance tasks are assigned to each user or team

Preventive Maintenance

  • New frequency! Preventive maintenance tasks can now be scheduled to fire out every weekday
  • More streamlined export! When exporting preventive maintenance schedules, equipment that is opted out of the schedule will be excluded.
  • Separate tracking of Completed and Closed! The date and time a task is marked as Completed and the date and time a task is marked as Closed are tracked individually.
  • Tie a Work Order to a Preventive Maintenance Task! Users can now create new work orders directly from a Preventive Maintenance task.
  • New Dashboard Cards! There are now new dashboard cards that display the following:
    • Unassigned Preventive Maintenance Tasks
    • Unassigned Inspection Tasks
    • Overdue Preventive Maintenance Tasks
    • Overdue Inspection Tasks


  • New frequency! Inspections can now be scheduled to fire out every weekday

Space Management

  • Manage your common spaces! Common spaces can now be created and maintained within the Space Management module.


  • Added Functionality and Performance Improvements! The following features and improvements have been added to the Prism mobile application on Android and/or iOS devices:
  • Android – Improved the updating of meter reading entered on the Prism app to the Prism web portal 
  • IOS/Android Tablets now support landscape view of the Prism app 
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