July 2021 Release Notes

Paul Schneider


  • Fix: Adding Users to Teams
    • We have fixed a bug which prevented you from adding multiple users to a team.


  • New: Template Fields
    • All UDFs ("User Defined Fields") will now be pulled in from Properties and Companies that are marked as ‘Accounting Related’ fields. Users will be able to select these on the menu.
    • There are also new 'custom date' formatting options.
    • The "Work Order Total" has also been added to the menu.


  • New: Additional Work Order Permissions
    • Two new permissions have been added to Prism:
      • Can Schedule Work Orders
      • Can Manage Recurring Work Orders
  • New: Editing Permissions
    • New permissions that are created by system admins can now be edited and removed.


  • New: Send Later
    • When creating a new message within Communications, users will now have the ability to create a message but be able to set a date and time in the future for the message to be sent.


  • New: Dashboard Card Actions
    • When a user is signed into Prism, within the main dashboard, the following cards now have the ability to create records for each of these respective modules:
      • Work Orders
      • Visitor Access
      • Resource Reservations


  • New: Bulk Editing Asset Types
    • Users now have the ability to bulk edit Asset Types to include/exclude Properties, as well as overriding the assignee.


  • New: Document Tags
    • Documents can now have user defined tags - providing a flexible way to describe and find files.
    • This feature only applies to users within the Property Management organization.
  • New: Bulk Editing
    • Users now have the ability to select more than one file and adjust whether or not the file is visible to tenants or not.



  • New: Preview Floor Plan
    • Within a Work Order, you now have the ability to preview a Floor Plan.
  • New: All Assignees Filter
    • There is now a button to filter mobile to show work across all assignees. 
  • Fix: Assigning Vendor Users
    • We've addressed an issue where vendor users could not be assigned within the create Work Order screen.
  • Fix: General Performance Adjustments
    • The team has released some general performance adjustments for enterprise customers.


  • Fix: QR Codes 
    • We addressed a few issues with QR codes not functioning properly.
  • Fix: Offline Mode 
    • We fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash when in "Offline Mode."
  • New: All Assignees
    • Users now have the ability to filter Work Orders by selecting the All Assignees button.
  • New: Viewing Floor Plans
    • Users now have the ability to view Floor Plan previews on the Work Order detail screen in full screen mode.
  • New: Team and Organization Loading
    • We fixed a bug for Team and Organization members not showing on the first load of the assignee drop-down.
  • New: QR Codes
    • Users now have the ability to upload QR codes on the create Equipment and Equipment detail screens.  
    • You also have the ability to search for Equipment by scanning a QR Code to pull up a particular record and it's associated history.

Tenant App

  • New: Rating Work Orders
    • Tenant users now have the ability to rate their Work Orders once the record has been completed.
  • New: Reopening Work Orders
    • Tenant users also have the ability to have Work Orders reopened.

My Companies

  • New: Markup
    • Under My Companies and within the Billing section, you now have the ability to indicate markup on a specific companies record.

My Properties

  • New: Remove Logos
    • Under My Properties and within the Settings section of a Property, you now have the ability to remove logos that have previously been uploaded.

Preventive Maintenance

  • New: Bulk Action
    • Preventative Maintenance procedures can now be associated to multiple buildings.


  • New: Defining and Editing Readings
    • Users now have the ability to define and edit Readings to be used in conjunction with Issue Types, Preventive Tasks, and Inspections.

Work Orders

  • New: New Grid Filters
    • When filtering the Work Order grid, you can now filter by the following fields: 
      • Is Recurring
      • Frequency
      • Date Scheduled
  • New: Custom Frequencies
    • When creating a Work Order, a user has the ability to create custom Recurring Work Order frequencies.
  • New: Adding Equipment to Work Orders
    • When creating a Work Order, if a user has permission to access Equipment, the user will be able to link a piece of Equipment to the Work Order from the creation screen.
  • New: Recurring Work Orders
    • When creating a Work Order, you now have the ability to mark a Work Order as recurring by indicating the frequency and end date/number of occurrences.
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