Adding and Editing Procedures

{Ellery Curran}
  1. Click the Preventive tab and navigate to the Procedure Library feature.


  1. To add a procedure, click the blue Add Procedure button in the top right corner of the page.


  1. Enter the name of the new procedure.Choose a property or properties from your account and select a category for the procedure.


  1. You can enter a Procedure ID, estimated labor time in hours, Notes and any parts or materials needed for the task. These are all optional.
  2. Click Simple Steps to enter one list of steps to perform the procedure OR Click Individual Steps to add each step to the procedure with the ability to check them off as you complete. Within Individual Steps you can create sections with their own steps 



  1. To add a file to the procedure, click the Files tab next to Steps then click Add File to upload a file from your device.



  1. When all fields are complete, you can simply save the procedure without activating it or linking the equipment by clicking the white Save Procedure button at the bottom of the page OR you can save and activate the procedure by clicking the blue Activate Procedure button. 


  1. To edit a procedure navigate to the Actions tab in the Procedures grid and click Edit on the row of the procedure you wish to edit. blobid10.png
  2. View current information for the procedure and change fields like Name,Category, Property etc. On the right of the page, the editing history can be viewed. 


  1. Edit Individual Steps and Sections by clicking into the box or Add steps and sections by clicking the respective Add buttons within the steps tab. To edit Simple steps, click into the box and enter new information. 



  1. Click the blue Save procedure at the bottom of the page after making any changes.


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