Using Floor Plan Library

Erol Ogunc
  1. Click the My Spaces tab and select a property from the drop down at the top of the page.
  2. Click a floor with a floor plan uploaded, then click View Floor Plan.


  1. To view all floor plans, click the arrow next to Primary Floor Plan then click Floor Plan Library from the drop down. 


  1. Click Upload Floor Plan at the bottom of the page to add an additional floor plan. Enter a scenario name then upload a floor plan from your device. Click Submit to finish and save the floor plan as a draft. This floor plan could be one that does not reflect its current status, but one that can still be used.


  1. To make a floor plan the primary floor plan, click the three dots at the right end of the grid and click Make Primary. This changes the previous primary floor plan’s status to Historical. 




  1. To clone a floor plan, click the three dots at the right end of the grid then click Clone from the options. Enter a name for the clone and select if you would like to clone the markups. Click submit to finish.


  1. To delete a floor plan, click the three dots then click Remove. 


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