Prism Plans Floor Plan Navigation Panel

{Ellery Curran}
  1. Click the My Spaces tab and select a property from the drop down at the top of the page.
  2. Click a floor with a floor plan uploaded, then click View Floor Plan.


  1. Click the arrow next to Primary Floor Plan to open floor plan action options. 


Click Clone Primary to make a clone of the primary floor plan. 

Click floor plan library to open the floor plan library of drafts, primary and historical floor plans.  

Click Upload New Draft to upload a new floor plan to the library. 

  1. Under the Viewer tab click the box next to Work Orders or Equipment to show pinned Work orders and equipment on the floor plan. 


  1. When Work Orders or Equipment are selected, you can filter your view.

Click the drop down for Work Orders to filter view by Issue Type, Priority, Status, and Creation Date.  


Click the drop down for Equipment to filter view by Category and Asset type. 


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