Configuring SLA's & Escalations

{Ellery Curran}
  1. Click the Admin tab and navigate to the SLA feature to configure SLA’s and escalations.


  1. Each issue type can be set to one of four priorities: Urgent, High, Medium, and Low (each priority sets targets for how quickly you want it worked on). blobid1.png
  2. For each of these SLA’s, you can set up four different paths to track. 



If a target is not being met, escalations can be set up to notify a property contact. 

  1. Click the blue Add Escalation button to select when the escalation should happen and who the recipients are.


 If you want to change how a specific property works, you can add a custom SLA profile. 


When adding a custom SLA profile, you can select which property you want to associate to 


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