How do I receive requests for proposals/bids? (Bid Management Vendor)

Erol Ogunc

How Do I receive requests for proposals/bids?

  • After the property manager creates their Bid in the system, it will automatically email you a tokenized link. 
      • Please note: There you don't have to log in to submit your bid. Each email will have a link to your bid. Example below:
      • mceclip1.png

What happens when I click the link?

  • It will bring you to the proposal page where you'll be asked to confirm your participation and submit your proposal or to decline participation.
  • You can also ask the Property Manager a question by clicking the blue hyperlink under "Manager Information"
    • A direct messaging system that will open a comment section on the right side. 
  • Screenshot below of your typical request for a proposal page. Please screen down and fill out the required fields and submit your proposal. 


Can I just email my proposal over to my contact?

  • The property manager that requested this proposal from you is requiring that you upload your proposal to the link in the email that is sent to you for each Bid Request. 

Can I have multiple users on my team receive these emails?

  • Yes, you can! If you are a company added by a Property Manager, they would have to add a new user for you.
  • If you are a Prism Marketplace Vendor, here is a guide on how you could add another user.

I'm having trouble, who can I reach out to?

  • Reach out to our support team here or call us at 866.301.5300.
      • Please note: There is also a blue live chat support button in the corner of most web pages

I want to become a Building Engines Network Vendor and have access to more opportunities

  • Reach out to our support team here and let them know you would like to learn more about becoming a Building Engines Network Vendor.
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