Readings - History and Graphing

{Bobby Beauregard}

This section describes the process of looking at and trending historical data in PM Readings: 


  1. Go to PMs task
  2. Select Readings
  3. Tap on the 3 Dots on the right of the individual Reading  


4. Next you will be presented with the option “Show History” 


5. Once selecting “Show History” you will be presented with the following Graph representing the 5 most recent Readings Entries 


6. You can tap on the Record Markers to show the specifics of that reading

                            a.The shaded red section that you see represents an area outside the expected range                                 for this reading.  

                            b. As you can see this reading shows to be 150°F when the maximum appears to be                                    100°F 

                            c. You will also see that the reading in the unshaded section is marked with a black                                      dot, while the reading the Red Shade, or Out of Range, area is labeled with a red                                      dot. This is another indication of the data being either In Range or Out of Range. 




d. You will also see in the table at the bottom a list of the actual readings being referenced on the graph. With the time of Reading entry, the Reading Value and whether it was In Range or Out of Range 


7. To get out of this view just tab on the arrow on the top left.                             

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