Creating a Message

Allison Jakob

Creating Messages 

  1. Click the Communications tab and navigate to the Messages feature.
  2. Click the New Message button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select a Template for the message if you would like to resend a saved message. Once you select a template, the information automatically populates in the fields. This is optional. 


  1. Create a new message by entering a subject for the message. You can adjust who the message is from under the From field. 
  2. Under broadcast message you can select the methods for sending the message from Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Bengie. 
  3. Click the toggle to post the message to the dashboard. If youchoseto post to dashboard, select the type of post from general notice or covid notice.  


  1. If you would like to schedule a message, click the toggle under Send Later to schedule a date and time for the message to send. 


  1. Select an audience type for the message from a dynamic list or a distribution list. 

If you select dynamic list, you can choose an existing saved audience or enter new audience information. If you enter new audience information, you can click the toggle to save the audience for future use. Add additional recipient emails or phone numbers if you wish. 


If you select distribution list, you can choose an existing saved distribution list or enter new information. Add additional recipient emails or phone numbers if you wish. 


  1. Enter your message in the box provided.
  2. Click add file at the bottom of the page to upload an attachment to the message. This is optional.


  1. When finished you can save the message as a draft, send the message, or view a preview of the message and send using the buttons on the bottom of the page.


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