Managing Your Bid

Erol Ogunc

Closing / finalizing the bid

  1. Once a vendor is selected, how do you close the Bid profile?
  2. Can vendors still submit their proposals after the due date?
  3. What time do Bid’s close?
  4. How do I close a Bid when the winner did not submit their proposal through Bid Management?
  5. How to update my RFP and let the vendors know I made a change?
    1. You will need to cancel this bid, clone it from the Proposal Search grid and make the changes you wish were in the original to the cloned version.

Inviting and Resending Bids

  1. Can I add an additional vendor to a Bid that was already sent out?
  2. How do I resend a bid or communicate with Vendors on Bids?


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