July 2022 Release Notes

Paul Schneider


  • New: Batches: Work Order Selection
    • Within the Batch tool, you now have the ability to select which Work Orders to include:
      • Include date from both recurring and non-recurring Work Orders
      • Include date from non-recurring Work Orders only
      • Include data from recurring Work Orders only
  • New: Additional Charge Codes fields
    • Within a Charge Code, there are now fields to include a Credit and Debit value.


  • New: Exports
    • From grids within Prism, users will now have the options to:
      • Export All Data
      • Export Visible Data
  • Change: Purchase Order Permission
    • We have adjusted the permission designed to give users the ability to access Purchase Orders.

Certificates of Insurance

  • New: Certificates of Insurance
    • We have now added native functionality to Prism around Certificates of Insurance.


  • Fix: Frequency Filter
    • We have addressed an issue where the frequency filter was not restricting the list properly.
  • Fix: Sharing Inspections
    • When entering an email address when sharing an Inspection, we've resolved the issue where an error message was appearing.
  • Fix: Cloning Inspection Schedules
    • We have addressed an issue where when cloning Inspection schedules, users were not able to change the Frequency, Start Date, and Due By Date.


Android - Version 1.73

  • Fix: Properties Deselect Button
    • We addressed an issue where the deselect button for Properties on the Create Work Order screen wasn't functioning correctly.
  • Fix: Inspections UI 
    • We addressed an issue where the Inspections UI wasn't working to add Photos, Work Orders or Notes.

iOS - Version 1.64.4

  • Fix: Readings UI Fix
    • We addressed an issue where the Readings UI would not let users scroll all the way down the screen.
  • Fix: Reported By 
    • We addressed an issue where Inspection titles were not being displayed properly.

My Users

  • Fix: Teams
    • We have addressed an issue where new users when being added to a Team were not successfully saving.
  • Change: Teams
    • When creating a new Team, the page will now expand to full screen.  From here, you can now utilize the Property Group filter to ensure you're adding the proper Properties to that particular Team.
  • Fix: Network Error
    • We have addressed an issue where users were receiving a Network Error when removing properties from a users profile.


  • New: Work Order Service Level Agreement (SLA) fields
    • We have added two additional columns to this report highlighting:
      • On Hold to Off Hold Target
      • On Hold to Off Hold Actual

Work Order

  • Fix: Work Order Navigation
    • After creating a Scheduled Work Order, we addressed an issue where the page would crash and produce errors.
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