Bid Management FAQ / Training Guide Index

Erol Ogunc

We have released an update that will synchronize Bid Management and Prism, which will allow us to incorporate bigger and better updates to Bid Management later this year as well (so stay tuned!)


What's New? Click the articles below!

    1. Adding Users
      1. Adding Property Manager or Vendor Users - (Your vendors can log in now too!)
        1. (Vendor Company must be created first)
    2. (new) Setting up vendors
      1. Step 1 - Adding Vendor Companies 
        1. Importing Vendors in Bulk
      2. Step 2 - (new) Adding Vendor Service Types
      3. Editing a Vendor in "My Companies"
    3. (new) Adding Properties
    4. (new) Configure Notifications
    5. (new) Configure Settings
    6. (new) Click here for more Admin Training Guides
  1. Creating a Bid - Training Guide 
  2. Managing Your Bids - Training Guide Index
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