Creating a Bid - Training Guide

Erol Ogunc

4 Stages to create a Bid


Stage 1 - Define Your Bid

      1. Project Overview – Scope of work, miscellaneous details
      2. Contract Terms – One Time, Ongoing, or Contract Term
      3. Number of Bids Needed Back
      4. Bids Due Date
      5. Contract Award Date
      6. Walk Through Date
      7. Add Reference Files – You can reference these files in your Project Overview and by creating custom template questions in the next stage.
      8. Save For Later (Save Bid as a Draft)

Stage 2 – Apply Template

        1. Choose an Existing Template with re-loaded questions and service offerings
          1. Click here to learn more about Templates in Bid Management
        2. Choose your service offerings
        3. Hyperlink to Template
        4. Create Custom Questions
        5. Browse/Search for Generic template questions
        6. Created a template that you want to use again?
          1. You can toggle the "Save to Template Library" at the top of this page.

Stage 3 – Vendors

            1. Budget (optional)
            2. Project Sealing (optional)
            3. Diversity Target and Prioritization (optional)
              1. This is determined by your vendors information in their “My company” profile under “Vendor Classifications”
            4. Invite Specific Vendors (Optional)
            5. Restrict a vendor for this request.
            6. Toggle Off Building Engine’s Vendor network
              1. Toggle If you only want to use vendors in your “My Companies” tab

Stage 4 - Preview -

  1. What happens after I click send request?
    1. This will email this RFP as a link to vendors you invited and vendors that match the service offerings requested.
  2. Your vendor does not need a log in to Accept/Decline or participate in this RFP.
    1. My vendor would like to log in and review all the bids I requested.
    2. Learn how to Add Vendor Users here
  3. Managing Your Bids – Click here (link to Bid Management )
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